Konstantin Ivanovskikh



















Ivanovskikh Konstantin Vasilyevich

Ивановских К.В.





PhD of physico-mathematical sciences,

Ural State Technical University – UPI* (Yekaterinburg), Physico-technical faculty, specialization: “Physics of Condensed State”







Physical engineer,

Ural State Technical University – UPI (Yekaterinburg), Physico-technical faculty,  specialization (major): «Electronics and Automatics of Physical Installations»









Analytical Control Center “Analytics and Non-Destructive Control – Service” (ООО ANK-Service) (Novouralsk), Deputy General Director For Scientific Work and Development

2013 – present

Management of scientific-technical projects, marketing activity, work with clients Achievements: diversification of the spectrum of delivered services by developing more than a dozen of new research and analytical trends, bringing company services to foreign markets for the first time, creation and development of the marketing service at the company, client work, CRM; brought in more than 200 clients;


Ural Federal University (Yekaterinburg), Physico-Technological Institute, Chair of Experimental Physics, head of the Laboratory of Electronic Accelerators and Radiation Technologies, senior staff scientist (0.5 fte);

Management of the scientific training activities of the laboratory, coordination of international scientific collaboration, guidance of the scientific activity of foreign specialists, postgraduate students. Achievements: many-times expansion of the chair’s scientific cooperation with foreign scientific organizations

2013 – present

University of Canterbury (New Zealand), Department of Physics and Astronomy, research staff member, head of the Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy and Optics;

2010 - 2013

Research into nanostructural materials for quantum electronics and optical materials; management of the laser spectroscopy laboratory, management of junior technical personnel; manager and co-manager of international projects.

Expert evaluation of scientific articles and reports; Achievements: upgrading of the laboratory equipment, introduction of new research methodologies, implementation of two international scientific projects with a budget of more than 500 thousand NZD.


Centre national de la recherche scientifique (National Scientific Research Center / University of Lyon 1 (France), Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of Luminescent Materials, research staff member;

2009 - 2010

  Research into photoionization processes in optical (nano-) materials, guidance of scientific research work of students and postgraduates on the creation of laser media for vacuum ultraviolet lithography. Achievements: generating media of the vacuum UV range with a wave length of less than 150 nm has been developed for the first time; cooperation of the laboratory with the HASYLAB, DESY Center (Hamburg) has been developed in the field of vacuum UV spectrometry.


Utrecht University (Netherlands), Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science, Department of Condensed Matter and Interphases, research staff member;

2007 - 2009

Creation and research of detector materials for medical imaging (tomography, development of the 5th generation PET tomograph (STRING project). Elaboration of the research and development concept with collaborators, management of single stages regarding synthesis of materials and Vacuum UV spectral research. Achievements: development of new methodologies of the synthesis of luminescent (nano-) materials; obtaining state-of-the art samples of superfast scintillation materials for PET detectors



* Since 2011 – Ural Federal University named after B.N. Yeltsin (UrFU, UGTU-UPI), Yekaterinburg


Ural State Technical University – UPI (Yekaterinburg),

Physico-Technical Faculty, Chair of Experimental Physics, Assistant Professor;

2006 - 2007

Teaching  the courses: “Physics of Solid Body”, “Nuclear Spectrometry”,

«Programmable Logic Devices”; Elaboration of new training programs

 Achievements: creation for the first time of computer hardware/firmware modules replacing obsolete signal generators for the training laboratories of the Chair, introduction of new trends in laboratory courses


Ural State Technical University – UPI (Yekaterinburg),

Physico-Technical Faculty, Chair of Experimental Physics, research department engineer, junior research associate (0.5 fte)

2002 - 2006

Participation in the development of radiometers and spectrometers of gamma-and neutron radiation within the framework of projects of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation; conducting certification tests

Drawing up instructions. Achievements: full development and introduction of  microcontroller  modules for controlling and accumulating data for gamma-and neutron radiometers





Scientific interests:

  • Physics of condensed state, physics of low-dimensional structures
  • Spectrometry of rare-earth ions and transition metal ions
  • Excitation and relaxation of electronic excitations in three-dimensional and low-dimensional crystal materials (including nanopowders and heterostructures)
  • Materials science

Project work and business communications:

  • Management and accompaniment of research work, management of international projects;
  • Monitoring and research of the market of science-intensive technologies, analysis of competitive environment;
  • Management of marketing activities;
  • Patenting of inventions, protection of intellectual property;
  • Writing scientific articles and scientific reviews in English and Russian;
  • Public addresses and reports in English and Russian, holding international seminars and conferences, simultaneous translation of foreign lecturers;
  • Knowledge of the culture and special aspects of holding international negotiations;

Foreign languages:

  • English (fluent);
  • German (basic level)


Expert abstracting of scientific articles for the journals: Journal of Molecular Structure, Journal of Luminescence, Optical Materials (Elsevier Publishing Company);

Membership in professional and scientific societies: American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) since 2017, European Rare-Earth and Actinide Society (EREAS) since 2006

Intellectual property; more than 60 scientific and scientific-technical articles, including 41 articles indexed in international data bases Web of Science and SCOPUS, 5 RF patents; citation index (Hirsch index) – 8.