Company Overview


          R&P company ‘RusProMet’, LLC is not only a manufacturer with scientific approach but an innovative center accumulating knowledge and experience of metallurgy in Russia.

        Established in Saint Petersburg, the company is specializing in research and producing nano- and micro- Ti-based alloy powders and heat-resistance alloy powders for additive (3D Printing) technologies. Due to high-tech method of manufacture RusProMet powders achieve excellent sphericity, high quality and purity. Powders were successfully tested in the independent authorized laboratory with top results.  The production center is a brunch of aerospace organization, which accesses to precise technologies and powerful manufacture.

       The company can provide exclusive services, Powder Metallurgy Technology, of producing parts and elements for avionic, medical and electronic industries. Research experts are engaged in studying and analyzing physical-mechanical properties of substances and in developing fields of nanotechnology and science of materials.

        The key advantage of RusProMet is a high-qualified team of scientists, inventors and professors. Their collaborative impact into company became unique and outstanding experiment.



Founders of the company:


Anatoly Stroshkov

Candidate of Technical Sciences

Work experience since 1960

Expert in the field of machining technology, organization of production, product quality assurance, certification of quality management systems, manufacturing processes and products, work in the international market of half-finished titanium products

In 1999 he received a Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation for his work in the field of quality.

He is a laureate of the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for his work in the field of metal production (1982).

Intellectual property: 82 scientific and scientific-technical publications, including three monographs, author of 14 copyright invention certificates in the USSR.

You can read Anatoly Nikiforovich’s detailed resume here.


Konstantin Stroshkov

Work experience since 2001

Expert in the field of technologies of secondary charge materials processing, calculation of the chemical charge composition of consumable electrodes, LEAN manufacturing in the processes of machining ingots and slabs, sheet bars, assembly production, paint spray processing by powder painting method, work in welding areas, in export projects

He managed the first project on lean production in the melting shop of the VSMPO Company with confirmed economic effect.

He holds a certificate of acknowledgement granted by the International Selecta Company for his active participation in the project for the manufacture of vending machines to be installed in France and Switzerland.

He is a certified auditor of production systems according to ISO 9001.

Scientific consultants of the company:


Konstantin Ivanovskikh

Candidate of Technical Sciences

Work experience since 2002

Expert in the field of materials science, physics of condensed state, physics and chemistry of low-dimensional structures, spectroscopy of rare-earth ions.

Intellectual property: more than 60 scientific and scientific-technical articles, including 39 articles indexed in the International Data Base Web of Science and Scopus, 5 RF patents. Citation index (Hirsch index) – 8

You can read Konstantin Vasilyevich’s detailed resume here.


Adolf Trubin


Doctor of Technical Sciences

Honored inventor of the Russian Federation

Work experience since 1958

Expert in the field of the theory and technology of melting and casting of titanium alloys. He managed scientific research and experimental work for the development of the composition and technology of production of titanium alloy ligatures, increasing ingot uniformity. Production capacities for titanium waste processing were created with his participation; new technological equipment was developed and introduced. He made a contribution to mastering the melting of titanium ingots by skull-consumable electrode method.

Intellectual property: he holds 76 copyright certificates of invention. He is the author of more than 40 printed works.

You can read Adolf Nikolayevich’s detailed resume here.


The main goal of SPC RusProMet LLC is the organization of production of metal powders of foreign and domestic alloys aimed at the substitution of foreign-made powders on the Russian market of additive technologies, which is being dynamically developed, as well as the organization of powder supplies to the international market.